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🌊🔊 Ready to take your Yamaha Waverunner audio to the next level? Dive into a 10x sound upgrade with our awesome kit designed just for you! 🚤🎶
🔊 Imagine cruising at speeds up to 80 mph while jamming to your favorite tunes on upgraded 6.5-inch custom marine speakers! With our kit, you can easily convert your 4-inch stock pod speakers without cutting anything – thanks to the included factory speaker pod rings.
🔧 Installation is a breeze – so simple that even a novice DIY enthusiast can do it! Plus, you get to keep using your factory audio controls on your ski for a seamless experience.
🎁 The kit includes everything you need: 6.5 Recoil custom marine speakers, factory speaker pod rings, and either a 2-channel or 4-channel 500-watt amplifier, along with a factory audio interface harness, all the necessary wiring, and installation accessories.
🛒 Upgrade your audio experience now and get ready to rock the waves with crystal-clear sound! Contact us now and make your installation fun and easy! 🌊🎵 #WaverunnerUpgrade #Yamaha Waverunner

$899.00 w/ Free Shipping US Only

🎵🚀 Pump up the jams on your PWC with our ultimate audio upgrade kit – perfect for PWCs without factory audio systems! 🌊🔊
🎶 Choose between our 4-inch or 6.5-inch pods that mount directly onto your PWC, delivering your favorite tunes at speeds up to 80 mph! 🎉
🔧 Installation is a breeze – even beginners can do it with ease! Get ready to rock the waves with our simple DIY setup that will have you jamming in no time.
🎵🔹 Our kit includes a Bluetooth controller that can be surface or flush mounted, giving you full control of your music while you ride the waves!
🎁 Gear up with 1 set of your chosen pod size, a powerful 4-channel 500-watt amplifier, and all the wiring and accessories you need for a complete audio transformation.
🛒 Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your PWC audio experience – contact us now and hit the water with a new level of sound and fun! 🚤🔊 #PWCPartyUpgrade #MusicOnTheGo #YamahaWaverunner

6.5 Pod Kit $849.00 w/ Free Shipping US Only
4 Inch Pod $800.00 w/ Free Shipping US Only

🌊🔊 Dive into the exhilarating world of PWC Subwoofer options with Powersport Audio, where audio excellence is redefined in the most epic way possible! 🎶🚤
💥 Get ready to take your PWC audio experience to a whole new level with our innovative subwoofer solutions! We understand the unique challenges of integrating subwoofers into personal watercraft, and we’ve crafted solutions that will blow your mind with unparalleled richness and clarity. 🌟
🔊 Our PWC Subwoofer options are a work of precision engineering and tailored expertise, designed to perfectly complement the distinctive audio environments of watercraft. With compact enclosures and marine-grade materials, each component is built to withstand the waves while delivering powerful, distortion-free bass that will have you feeling the music in every splash! 🎵🌊
🚀 Don’t settle for ordinary audio – embrace the thrill of immersive sound on the water without compromise! Powersport Audio’s PWC Subwoofer options strike the perfect balance between performance and durability, taking your audio journey to extraordinary heights. 🎉💦
🔊⚓️ Get ready to elevate your audio experience and feel the difference for yourself! Join us in the world of sonic excellence and let the waves of incredible sound wash over you. Upgrade now and make every ride a party on the water!

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Yamaha Factory Audio Harness

Introducing the exclusive Yamaha Waverunner Factory Audio Interface Harness for FX/GP/VX models, meticulously crafted by Powersport Audio. This specialized harness is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your Yamaha Waverunner, offering an unparalleled audio experience on the water.
Designed with precision and expertise, our Factory Audio Interface Harness ensures effortless installation, allowing you to connect your audio devices directly to your watercraft’s sound system. What’s more, you can utilize your factory audio controls to manage your music effortlessly. Whether you’re streaming music from your smartphone, enjoying a podcast, or immersing yourself in your favorite playlist, this harness guarantees premium sound quality, enhancing every moment of your ride.

Beware of copycat harnesses and adapters flooding the market. These knock-offs lack the quality of our original design, risking damage to your watercraft.
This product is offered only in our 6.5 Upgrade kit and available at select Yamaha Dealers.

Recoil 500.4 Amplifier

This small but powerful Class D amplifier will give you true RMS power out for your PWC / Powersport audio system. What separates these amplifiers from other “Marine” amps are their ability to be submerged and still perform as designed. The amplifier and Bluetooth controllers are designed to be IPX7 waterproof rated, making them suitable for installations where water, mud, or debris cannot be completely avoided. Features conformal-coated circuit board, sealed aluminum housing, and plug-and-play one wire connection.
This amplifier and Bluetooth kit is ideal for small watercraft, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, UTV, RZR, RV, snowmobiles, golfcart, heavy-duty vehicles, etc. It delivers tremendous power in a tiny and compact footprint. This amplifier is offered in our 6.5 Upgrade kit.

Recoil M1 Speaker 6.5

Pair of 2-Way Weatherproof Marine Speakers with 1” voice coil for clean and loud audio performance. Features 0.75” dome tweeter with neo-magnet
Peak Power 240 Watts (Pair) | RMS Power – 120 Watts (Pair)
The waterproof composite paper cones, 100% UV stable surrounds, baskets, and grilles help all models maintain top-shelf performance in marine environments.
Speakers can endure almost any weather conditions with splash-and-spray-resistant sealed motors, cones, and locking terminal covers
Spectacular highs and midrange sounds coupled with the simplest of speaker installations, provide full-range audio specifically for a marine environment These speakers are offered in our 6.5 Upgrade

Recoil passive subwoofer WS8 features an 8” subwoofer and 8” passive radiator, allowing it to be very shallow and compact while producing AWESOME deep and tight bass.
The 8” passive radiator uses wasted energy created by the woofer’s movement, from within the pod and turns it into low-frequency sound waves. Thus, helping the subwoofer to show off its full potential.
Power Rating: 150 Watts RMS / 300 Watts Peak
Waterproof Rating: IPX6
WS8 features a patent pending air pressure balancing valve. When the subwoofer sealed enclosure temperature goes up too high, the voice coil and passive radiator will be distorted. This little magic valve keeps internal pressure balanced for an extended subwoofer span lifetime.
The 100% UV stable & high-temperature PC & ABS composite subwoofer enclosure is designed for tough environments. It features a waterproof pigtail 16 gauge speaker wire and an 11ft 16 gauge OFC speaker wire extension cord.
It can be installed with bar clamps or surface mounting brackets. The bar mounting clamps fit 1.5”, 1.75”, 1.85” & 2” bars, it covers most UTV models in the market today, such as Polaris, RZR, all CANAM, and more. Use the surface mounting brackets for the boat and golf cart.
Recoil WS8 is a passive subwoofer designed for power sports applications that can be bar or surface-mounted. It features an 8” subwoofer and 8” passive radiator, allowing it to be very shallow while producing awesome deep bass. Its small footprint and rugged durable marine grade construction make this the ultimate upgrade for anyone wanting to bring bass to their ride.
Subwoofer can be purchased separately

$199.00 w/ Free Shipping US Only

Pair of 2-way black waterproof marine speakers with 1.2” voice coil for clean and loud audio performance. Features 1” dome tweeter with neo-magnet
Peak Power: 210 Watts | RMS Power: 70 Watts
Built-in RGB LED emits a smooth lighting effect through the speaker cone.
Thermal molded waterproof injection molded polypropylene cone, 100% UV stable surrounds, baskets, and grilles help all models maintain top shelf performance in marine environments.
Copper shorting ring for optimized performance.
Speakers can endure almost any weather conditions with splash-and-spray-resistant sealed motors, cones, and locking terminal covers.
Spectacular highs and midrange sounds coupled with the simplest of speaker installations, provide full-range audio specifically for a marine environment.


Skar 8″ Subwoofer

The Skar Audio SKM8 marine subwoofer was designed to deliver powerful and immersive bass, and is the perfect addition to your marine audio setup. With its highly attractive gloss exterior finish, it not only sounds incredible but also adds a touch of elegance to all marine applications. This subwoofer conservatively boasts a 500 watt max power rating, ensuring a riveting sound experience on the open water. Equipped with a robust 2-inch voice coil, it effortlessly handles low frequencies with precision, adding depth and power to your audio system.
The SKM8 is specifically engineered for marine environments, meaning it is built to withstand the harsh conditions encountered at sea. Its water-resistant construction ensures that splashes, moisture, and other environmental factors won’t hinder its performance, allowing you to enjoy your music worry-free while cruising on the water. Get ready to elevate your marine audio system to new heights and experience music like never before with Skar Audio’s SKM8 marine subwoofer.

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Recoil Speaker Covers

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