About Powersport Audio

Welcome to Powersport Audio, where we’re all about giving you the best-sounding, heart-pounding audio systems for your Side by Side, Waverunner, SeaDoo, Ryker, and Sling Shot. Sure, other audio companies might brag about being “loud,” but we’re all about that crystal-clear sound – with the added bonus of letting everyone hear you coming (if that’s your thing). Trust us, your ears will thank you later!
What sets Powersport Audio apart? Well, let’s start with our close relationships with speaker and amp manufacturers. Yeah, they actually come to us for development insights. Plus, we’re the brains behind the patent-pending Waverunner Factory Audio harness – exclusively from Powersport Audio. Nobody else out there is as obsessed with audio and integration as we are.
Now, we used to be a dealer-only company, meaning we only worked with powersport dealers on brand new units. But guess what? We’re now bringing our systems and services directly to you, the consumer. And let’s talk about trust – our standards are so high because we don’t mess around with voiding your powersports product warranties or risk causing vehicle failure. Our installations not only sound incredible but also look totally stock.
At Powersport Audio, we’re all about the specs. We’re the audio experts, and we’ll find the perfect components for your ride – ones that actually perform and last. No more headaches, no more wasted hours researching. And hey, sometimes the best system isn’t the most expensive one. We might just save you some cash (you’re welcome).
So, are you ready to turn heads with your killer audio setup? Powersport Audio has got you covered – and we’re ready to crank up the fun!

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